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True-Lock Advanced Fasteners

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The True-Lock axle nut fastener system is a superior axle fastening system designed for a more secure way of installing aircraft wheels. It facilitates the speed of the owner/operator in changing from wheels to floats or skis and back again. It provides added security for aircraft using oversize bush tires which due to their larger “tundra/flotation” tires which impose greater torque and side loads on wheels, axles and fasteners on landing gears.


  • The axle nut is the major culprit for failure within your wheel end components.
  • Bearing endplay is caused by axle nut torque that are set too loose.
  • Excessive bearing preload is caused by over tightening the axle nut.
  • TIMKEN, one of the world’s foremost bearing manufacturers, has outlined acceptable endplay tolerances from .001” to .005”. Most conventional OEM axle nuts cannot meet TIMKEN’S endplay tolerances.

True-Lock’s fastener systems correct these issues!

  • True-Lock’s fastener technology provides precise axle nut torque settings eliminating the conventional axle nut system’ inherent torque setting limitations imposed by castle nut and cotter pin.
  • True-Lock’s axle nut system is designed to achieve ultimate bearing adjustment and eliminating cotter pins; thereby improving bearing and axle longevity as well as enhancing tire and brake performance.
  • True-Lock is FAA-STC-PMA (SA00780SE) certified on over 1,000 make and model aircraft*

True-lock systems are easy to install, reliable, reusable and maintenance free!

  • True-Lock systems are available for virtually all General Aviation main gear axles
  • True-Lock systems provides kits for use with nose and main wheel fairings.
  • True-Lock systems are available in two variations – The original system uses conventional snap rings to secure them (these are kits ending in K3) and kits using spiral rings to secure the fastener system (these are kits ending in K4.)
  • Kits are complete including installation instructions and AML model applicability list.*
  • The True-Lock system has a proven track record in the trucking industry and with the military.

“I do really like your product. This shows the skis to wheels/wheels to skis change I make every year in which the TRUE-LOCK makes it easy.”

    Jeff Faught
        North Dakota Game and Fish Dept. Pilot/Mechanic


True-lock systems are also available when used in conjunction with main gear fairings:

*Download a complete detailed AML model applicability list

Download detailed installation instructions of the True-Lock fastener system - APV-GA-1

Download installation instructions for the wheel fairing adapters - APV-GA-2


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