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Piper J-4 Index

Piper J-4 Index

The following service publications apply to the Piper J-4 aircraft. Click the link in the left hand column to open the PDF document in a new window.

KEY: SA = Service Aid VSP = Vendor Service Publication SB = Service Bulletin SL = Service Letter SM = Service Memo


PublicationApplicabilitySystemIssue DateDescription

SA Misc / TP-1008A

J4 Brake - Removal and Replacement of Brake Drums on Goodrich D3-13A-1 Wheels
VSP-5 J4 Operations 4/22/1977 Reference Continental SB No. M77-3 Use of Alternate Aviation Grade Fuels
VSP-30 J4 Engine 5/20/1981 Reference Bendix SB 599A, 609A, 610, 613, 614 Impulse Coupling Inspection
VSP-119 J4 Engine 4/19/1989 Lycoming Service Bulletin 480C Oil Filter Change and Screen Cleaning
SB-2 J4 Airframe 2/15/1946 Fuselage, Special Tube
SB-3 J4 Wings 2/15/1946 Nose Heavy Condition
SB-4 J4 Fuel 2/15/1946 Fuel System Maintenance
SB-23 J4 Engine 2/18/1946 Removal of Bug Screen
SB-28 J4 Electrical 2/18/1946 Electrical Wiring
SB-46 J4 Fuel 2/19/1946 Strainer Attachment Fittings
SB-48 J4 Exhaust 2/19/1946 Muffler: Baffle End Failures, Inspection, Preventing Engine Failure
SB-50 J4 Fabric/Finishing 2/19/1946 Ribstitching
SB-55 J4 Fuel 2/20/1946 Fuel Tank Vents
SB-56 J4 Wings 2/20/1946 Wing Aileron Bellcrank Bracket Failures
SB-58 J4 Landing Gear 2/20/1946 Steerable Tailwheel Shock Cords
SB-61 J4 Wings 2/20/1946 Aging of Protective Finish on Wood Wing Spars
SB-65 J4 Fuel 2/20/1946 Fuel Tank Repairs
SB-66 J4 Fuel 2/20/1946 Flexible Hose End Fittings, Secure Attachment
SB-71 J4 Exhaust 2/20/1946 Exhaust Muffler Inspection and Repair
SB-74 J4 Rigging 2/20/1946 Rigging Procedure
SB-79 J4 Wings 2/18/1946 Nose Rib Structure Reinforcement
SB-80 J4 Fuel 2/18/1946 Fuel Valve Control
SB-81 J4 Engine 2/20/1946 Motor Mount Failure
SB-82 J4 Control 2/20/1946 Safety Wire for Control System Turnbuckles
SB-112B J4 Misc. 11/19/1959 Service Instruction Notes
SB-143 J4 Engine 10/7/1955 Magneto Ground Wire Attachment Nut
SB-157D J4 Lift Strut 4/22/1986 Lift Strut Fork, Inspection/Replacement
SB-174B J4 Airframe 11/30/1961 Maintenance/Inspection of Fuselage Fabric in Area of Windshield Top Attachment Channel
SB-528D J4 Lift Strut 10/11/1989 Wing Lift Strut Inspection
SB-819 J4 Airframe 2/28/1986 Fuselage/Door Frame Inspection
SB-855 J4 Fuel 1/14/1987 Use of Automobile Gasoline in Piper Aircraft
SB-1044 J4 Lift Strut 7/27/2000 Lift Strut Attachment, Provision for Inspection Access on Forward Side of Spar
SL-177 J4 Cowling 8/10/1951 Firewalls, Sealing
SL-207 J4 Engine 6/15/1953 Oil Quick Drain Valve Assembly
SL-216A J4 Wings 12/14/1953 Replacement of Aileron Hinge Bearing Block
SL-220 J4 Control 3/29/1954 Brass Safety Wire, Change to Stainless Steel Safety Wire
SL-221 J4 Engine 5/13/1957 Carburetor Air Filter
SL-298A J4 Misc. 9/7/1962 Obsolete Aircraft Notice From Piper
SL-303A J4 Fabric/Finishing 9/23/1959 Aircraft Finishes
SL-609 J4 Control 2/21/1972 Control Surfaces Inspection and Maintenance Guidelines
SL-953 J4 Cabin 7/28/1983 Shoulder Harness Installation Availability
SL-1069 J4 Control 3/31/2003 Flight Control Cable Terminal Corrosion Inspection
SL-1135 J4 Control 10/19/2010 Control Cable/Pulley Inspection
SL-1141 J4 Fuel 4/27/2011 Gascolator Maintenance Procedures
SM-1 J4 Fabric/Finishes - Finishes, Seaplane
SM-4 J4 Brake - Brake and Oleo Strut System Fluid Usage
SM-6 J4 Rigging - Rigging Procedure
SM-10 J4 Wings - Rib Repair Diagram
SM-22 J4 Fabric/Finishing - Materials to Recover Component Parts - Approximate
SM-26 J4 Fabric/Finishing - Refinishing and Rejuvenating for Planes Finished with Butyrate Dope
SM-27 J4 Fabric/Finishing - Refinishing and Rejuvenating for Planes Finished with Nitrate Dope
SM-28 J4 Modifications Rev. 7/1/1968 Field Approvals, Miscellaneous FAA
SM-42 J4 Specifications - Specifications and Performance, J4A-65
SM-43 J4 Specifications - Specifications and Performance, J4E-75
SM-65 J4 Operations - Safety Precautions
SM-70C J4 Fabric/Finishing - Application of Randacryl Lacquer
SM-76 J4 Fabric/Finishing - Refinishing Procedures for Synthetic Fibers (Dacron, etc.)

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