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Crating & Oversize Charges

Crating & Oversize Charges

Frame Crate

Crating Charges

Crating charges are added to large items such as wings, frames, sheet aluminum, and other oversize items that require a custom-built wood crate. These fees help Univair cover the cost of materials and labor involved in building the crates. All shipments sent via Ocean Freight will also have a crating charge.

Please note that crating charges are in addition to shipping charges.

Crating charges shown below are subject to change without notice.

CR1 One Wing Crating Charge $593.07
CR2 Two Wing Crating Charge $746.88
CR3 Frame Crating Charge $842.35
CR4 Plexiglas Crating Charge $31.45
CR5 Flat Steel/Aluminum Crating Charge $51.38
CR6 Spar Crating Charge $51.38
CR7 Shock Cord Labor (per cord) $18.53
CR8 55 Gallon Drum Crating Charge $76.09
CR9 Long Repair Section Crating Charge $207.78
CR10 Top Deck Crating Charge $58.96
CR11 Vee Strut Crating Charge $122.42
CR12 Short Repair Section Crating Charge $151.06
CR13 Frame Cowl Crating Charge $90.41
CR14 Aileron Crating Charge $56.72
CR15 Tail Surface Crating Charge $38.77
CR16 Rolled Aluminum Crating Charge $109.57
CR17 Super Structure Crating Charge $31.78
CR18 Horizontal Stabilizer Crating Charge $79.98


Oversize Fees

Individual products that exceed 84" girth (W x L x D) will incur an oversize fee. Univair adds a flat rate of $30.00 to your order if it contains at least one oversize item. We only charge one fee per order, regardless of how many oversize items it may contain. Motor Freight is exempt from oversize fees.

Please note that oversize fees are in addition to shipping charges.


Note for European Union (EU) Member Countries

Customers who reside in EU member countries will be charged an additional crating expense on orders requiring wooden crates. These countries require specially treated wood to prevent the infestation of the pinewood nematode. Prices will be determined by size and the cost from our supplier. These orders may require an additional 7 to 10 working days to obtain these crates from our supplier.


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