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Univair Aircraft Corporation has been a manufacturer and supplier of quality aircraft parts and supplies for General Aviation since 1946. Our goal is to keep the older models and “Classic” aircraft in the air. To accomplish this goal, we have one of the largest production facilities outside of the current model airframe manufacturers. In our 75-plus year history, we have evolved into the largest manufacturer and supplier of classic aircraft parts and supplies in the world through our manufacturing, distribution, and publishing divisions. Give us the opportunity to serve you!

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The manufacturing division of Univair Aircraft Corporation specializes in manufacturing replacement parts for out-of-production aircraft. Univair owns the Type Certificates for the Stinson 108 series, Ercoupe, Forney, Alon, and Mooney Cadet. Parts for other out-of-production aircraft including Aeronca, Bellanca, Champion, Citabria, Decathlon, Scout, Cessna 120 through 185, Luscombe, Piper (J-3 through PA-22 & PA-25), and Taylorcraft are also manufactured in our 62,000-square-foot facility under FAA parts manufacturing approval.

Univair’s diverse product lines accounts for our motto: “All Parts for Some... Some Parts for All.” Strict quality control and efficient use of our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer customers quality products at reasonable prices.


Univair’s distribution division specializes in selling our manufactured items as well as brand-name supplies and materials. We are here to provide you with high quality parts and supplies. Our knowledgeable and helpful sales staff is able to help you, whether you are a large sales or service organization or the individual owner/operator. You can maintain your aircraft at a price you can afford with Univair as your single source of parts and supplies.


Univair's in-house print shop fulfills an important function in the aviation industry by publishing many previously out-of-print service manuals, owner's manuals, and parts catalogs for out-of-production planes. These manuals are printed on digital printers and then bound with durable covers.

Univair’s catalog of classic aircraft parts and supplies is available free to U.S. customers; download a digital catalog or request your free printed catalog by filling out our catalog request form. Customers outside the United States can request a free catalog by calling our sales department at +1-303-375-8882 Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Due to the high cost of mailing our catalog worldwide, we require international customers to pay the mailing costs for their free catalog.

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