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A one-part, air-drying alkyd enamel coating available in 50 colors to match Poly-Tone and Aero-Thane. It air dries to a high gloss similar to Aero-Thane polyurethane, but is not as chemically resistant as Aero-Thane. Enamel is intended as a top-coat paint over metal or composite surfaces that have been primed with EP-420 Epoxy Primer. Do not use Poly-Fiber Enamel over fabric or on structures that will be covered with fabric cemented with Poly-Tak adhesive. Poly-Tak will lift enamel.

  • 50 colors available in 1 quart and 1 gallon sizes
  • Coverage: One gallon of enamel will cover approximately 200 square feet with one coat
  • Drying time: Dust-free in 60 minutes; 24 hours before using masking tape
  • Shelf life: Guaranteed four years unopened in protected storage. Avoid long-term storage above 100°F. Not affected by freezing.



Randolph enamel paints are for primed metal or composites only! Enamels were formulated for painting components of fabric-covered aircraft like cowlings and fairings. They come in colors that match their butyrate counterparts, but they have higher gloss and depth. Remember that this is the way all the production vintage aircraft of the ‘30s and ‘40s looked: satin-finished dope fabric surfaces and shiny metal parts. Enamel is a different product from dope; they don’t look the same side by side, but then again, they didn’t in 1946 either. Don’t use enamel on steel tube frames or on parts that will be exposed to fabric cements or dope which will wrinkle enamel. DO NOT USE ENAMEL ON FABRIC! It is far too brittle and will crack in short order.



Paint companies often use the same name for different colors. For example, Poly-Fiber Juneau White and Randolph Juneau White DO NOT MATCH! Be sure to use the color card chips from the appropriate company to select your paint. Poly-Fiber chips are actual paint sprayouts and represent the actual colors. Gloss levels vary between Aero-Thane, Poly-Tone, and Enamel.

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