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Scott 3450 Series

Similar in design to the 3400 and 3425 Series tailwheels, the 3450 Series features a 10-inch pneumatic wheel and the same heavy-duty, shockproof construction as the 3425 Series. As such, it will withstand the most severe operating conditions while providing the same reliable, trouble-free performance as the 3400 and 3425 Series tailwheels. They are available in versions for the 15/16-inch or 1-inch tubular tailspring. The steering arms on this series of tailwheel are also available in straight or bent upwards versions.

Scott 3450 Tailwheel

No. Description   No. Description
1 Bracket Assembly 3412-1   14 Nut AN320-8
1A Bracket Assembly 3412-2   15 Washer NAS1149F0832P
2 Compression Spring U3233   16 Spacer U2504A-001
3 Cone Bearing 08118   17 Grease Retainer U1863A-000
4 Spacer 3407   18 Cone Bearing A4050
5 Upper Dust Cap 3411-1   19 Pin U3257
6 Washer 3408   20 Spacer 3433
7 Washer 3408-1   21 Spacer 3433-1
8 Pawl U3219A   22 Spring 3432
9 Arm Assembly 3410-3   23 Nut AN310-8
9 Arm Assembly 3410-5   24 Axle Assembly U3236C-2
10 Washer 3408-2   25 Lock Washer U3225A-000
11 Lower Dust Cap 3411-2   26 Tire and Wheel Assembly 3245-1
12 Fork Assembly 3423-1   27 Washer NAS1149F0863P
13 Cotter Pin MS24665-283      
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