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Butyrate dope sticks to fabric very well but doesn’t work well on metal or fiberglass. If it is sprayed onto primed aluminum or fiberglass, there’s a good chance it will peel off in a very short time.

All Randolph Colored Butyrate Dope is a non-tautening high quality dope made only from premium non-bleeding pigments. Colors are available in quart and gallon containers from distributors and directly from the factory. Standard colors are shown on the Flight Proven aircraft color card. Thin one to one with #9703 Butyrate Thinner before spraying.

DOPE PEELING FROM FABRIC: This is usually a result of not thinning Rand-O-Proof or nitrate sufficiently to encapsulate and wet out both sides of the fabric. This is often caused when the nitrate or Rand-O-Proof is sprayed rather than brushed on. Sprayed first coats do not encapsulated sufficiently.