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Brackett Air Filters

Brackett filters are FAA/PMA approved and STC-SA71GL, STC-SA693CE, and STC-SA12CE approved

Polyurethane as the filtering media combined with Brackett's patented "wetting agent" will give your engine protection from dust and dirt to prolong engine life and cut maintenance. The Brackett polyurethane aircraft element can be changed without replacing the complete air filter assembly. Now induction systems, cylinders, and combustion chambers can be kept almost totally free of harmful contaminants with correct fitting of Brackett aviation air filters.

Reasons to Choose a Brackett Filter

  • They're a proven filter. Bracket Aero Filters, formerly AC, have been in service on aircraft and helicopters since 1968. At present, Brackett Foam Filters are installed as factory-original equipment on 16 current production aircraft and four helicopters.
  • FAA-PMA approved on 88 different aircraft models.
  • Our treated foam is highly efficient at filtering.
  • You only replace the low cost throwaway element.
  • Easy servicing.
  • Distributed by major aircraft supply houses and readily available to all FBOs.
  • Dual stage foam element increases dust holding capacity.
  • Our foam filter is approved for sea planes. It has no pleats to store dirt and is abrasive resistant.

NOTE: Our STCs require the elements to be replaced every 12 months, regardless of the flying time, or more often as per service instructions.